Brighten Up Your Facility

Benefits of LED lighting

Commercial LED lighting offers a handful of benefits when compared to commercial fluorescent lighting.

  • It is the most efficient, crisp clear lighting on the market today
  • Energy Savings - Reduce your the lighting portion of your electric bills by 35-75%
  • Flouescent Lights use 50 year old technology and are being phased out ( it is estimated that they will be gone in 6-8 years )
  • Fluorescent Tubes contain mercury which is bad for the planet and you
  • Titan LED tubes are rated to last for a whopping 102,000 hours! Fluorescent tubes last 10,000 hours
  • LED lighting will eliminate maintenance expenses - no more replacing tubes and ballasts, no more employees on ladders
  • LED lighting instantly showcases your building and increases it's value ( studies show up to 8% upon installation)
  • It has been proven to increase employee safety
  • It has been proven to reduce scrap and waste in manufacturing facilities
  • It has been proven to increase employee morale and decrease the incidence of migraines
  • has been proven to increase employee safety

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